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Rights for All Athens, Greece

At the base of the world famous Acropolis, Circle Up Now and Amnesty International were granted the right to create a human aerial art image supporting “rights for all”.

Part of A Global Day of Action: Over 24 Locations in 24 Hours produced by CIRCLE UP NOW in partnership with AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL

On July 12th, 2008, communities in countries throughout the world gathered in celebration and in solidarity around the idea that every human being has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

In London, Mexico City, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Seoul and two dozen other cities, artists, activists and supporters of Amnesty International “Circled Up” to form more than 24 aerial art images in 24 hours.

Amnesty International teamed up with Circle Up Now to deliver this powerful “visual petition” representing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2008, and consisted of thousands of participants worldwide making an appeal to their leaders to honor and defend basic human rights.

Photo Credit: Nikolas Kominis